RESEARCH PAPER PN “PORPHORIA’S LOVER BY ROBERT BROWNING”Research paperSelect a topic based on our short fiction, dramatic, or poetic readings this semester. You may analyze a specific work, an author,


the research paper should be on the poem Porphoria lover. the work sould explore Robert Browning, point of ciew about the poem time line between the discoveries of the disease “porphoria” and thr poem and how the connection between the disease and the poem. 

Research paper

Select a topic based on our short fiction, dramatic, or poetic readings this semester. You may analyze a specific work, an author, an archetype, or a subject matter you find interesting in the works we have read. Further, you can select a topic related to elements within the work itself. For instance, you might examine elements of abnormal psychology related to “The Cask of Amontillado,” the madness of crowds as it relates to “The Lottery,” or how biographical histories of authors may have influenced specific works. The paper needs to be at least 2500 words and no more than 3000 words, with at least 7 credible sources, proper in-text citations, and a correctly formatted Works Cited page.  We will discuss any questions you might have as we progress through the process.

Topic Selection

Your first due element to this paper is the topic selection. You are to analyze a specific work based on an internal element of interest to you and of relevance to the work’s subject matter. In the critique, we read an article about the significance of capital punishment as it relates to “The Lottery.” You might examine “The Lottery” as related to the madness of crowds or the history of the word “scapegoat” and how that definition applies to “The Lottery.”  You might examine the history of the publication of “Ozymandias” and develop ideas about Shelley’s construction of that work. Your goal is to provide information related to the primary work that helps further our understanding of that work. You will select your topic and provide a working thesis and the points you will be addressing.


You must use a minimum of 7 secondary resources for this paper. Remember that the work itself is a primary source. You will be using lines from the work and must include a Works Cited entry and proper in-text citations for it throughout your essay. You must use only critical and credible sources throughout this paper. Sources may come only from online databases, professionally published articles and books, or legitimate audio/visual resources. 

Works Cited Page

You will need to submit a list of all quoted sources within your paper. This needs to be according to MLA 7th edition guidelines.


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