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This semester was tremendously productive than I accepted, which was a great course. I have learned a myriad of efficient skills in reading and writing that I needed to be successfully acclimated in the university life. In this coerce, I have learned many appropriate and successful ways that I can effectively and persuadably express my opinions, thoughts, and ideas on my essays. In addition, I have learned how can I make people to distinguish between what I say and what others say. I have studied at this class a great book that called They Say I Say.                            In this book, I have absorbed that there are multiple methods that I can successfully agree and disagree simultaneously. Also, how I should show other’s perspectives on appropriate methods. Moreover, I have learned how I agree with other’s opinion and disagree on wise ways. My overall feeling for this book is that I am completely taught and educated by this class. Also, I have been positively affected by this book. I can agree that They Say I Say book could improve me a lot in reading, writing, and even could enhance my listening comprehensive and speaking.

            When I started writing my essays I started writing my outline. However, I started before that writing all the ideas that on my mind about the chosen topic on a piece of paper. After that I ask my friends about this topic to know their ideas and might new ideas come to my mind. After that I start writing my outline. I have learned on this class how could I successfully and effectively use the library. I have learned how to pick the appropriate sources. I have noticed that there are criteria to choose the appropriate sources.

First, the authors should have cardinality. We can measure cardinality through his degrees and experiences. Also, if that was about their major that is going to make them experts on that source. Second, if this source has been peer reviewed or not. This means this source (article) has been reviewed by other professional experts on this field. Third, I can know if it is going to help me out on my paper or not through reading the summary of it or reading the abstract. Throughout these wise methods, I can know how to choose an appropriate source and make my paper interesting and fully supported by strong evidences.

After that I started writing my paper starting with introduction. I have learned that introduction should start with a hook that can attract the readers. Also, writing some background for my topic on the introduction part to make readers know some information about my topic. Thereafter, I wrote my thesis statement which is the most important part on the essay. I have learned that thesis statement is the most significant aspect that can make my paper stronger. Then I write my 3 body paragraphs and they should be matched with my thesis statement respectively. Finally, sum up with my conclusion, which should restate my ideas that I wrote on the thesis statement. In addition, my conclusion should have some future suggestion. Moreover, I have learned that I should avoid using the second and third person.

I struggled on the argumentative essay because I was thinking how can I include the counterargument.  Another problem was finding the appropriate sources. This problem was my hardest problem that I faced. However, I have been taught by my instructor how I solve these issues. On my perspective, I believe that this course is made me a good writer and enhanced my skills on writing and reading. Also, I enjoyed the instructor teaching method.


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