Site vist report

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Name of site visited

Site location

(complete address)

Sect/branch and/or subsect



Contact person (if any)

Hours of worship:

Days and Times

1. Fundamental beliefs (important if you are visiting a sectarian group, and

note differences in belief and practice from its parent group), and sources of

authority or basis for the religion or sect (such as inspired scriptures,

teachers, direct revelations, and the like). Specify both the religion and the

sect or branch you have visited (e.g., Hindu temple [Shiva, Vishnu, Hare

Krishna]; Synagogue [Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative]; Buddhist sect [Pure

Land, Nichiren, Tibetan, Mahayana, Theravada]

2. Why is the religion here in South Florida, whose needs is the religion/sect

meeting. Narrate the reasons for the appearance of sect in South Florida.


. Describe art, symbols, images, cultic objects (including sacred scriptures,

if of artistic or aesthetic merit) of the religion.

4. Distinctive dress, articles of clothing, of members and/or clergy of the

religion you witnessed during visit. Inquire as to whether normally there is

a distinctive dress, etc. in other locations. Include how much adaptation or

concessions to “American” ways of worshipping you witnessed during your visit

(for this you may also have to tap a knowledgeable person for information).


. Forms of ritual, worship/liturgy, special ceremonies,

particular/distinctive practices that you saw practice during your visit.

6. Major religious festivals or sacred days (and their dates and days during

the year) celebrated in South Florida (and those elsewhere, such as in the

country of origin of religion or where religion is strongest).


. Describe how what you saw and heard impacted you; did visit enhance your

appreciation for that particular religious faith and/or for religion in general;

did you feel you were “worshipping”?; did anything strike you in a negative

way?; what was the most positive result of your visit?


Starred/boldfaced items should constitute the bulk of your report

, what you

should give priority to when you write your report. Also, it is important that

you make an effort to enter sympathetically into the religion you will be

visiting. You do not have to agree with what you see and hear, but you should

make an effort to understand it. After your visit and as you write your report,

you will have the opportunity to express your opinion about what you witnessed.


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