soc300 week 3 discussion AND response

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Week 3 Discussion: “War and Peace” Attachment


1) TO DO!!! Open the SOC 300 Student Course Guide: Review the Week 8 Assignment and the LIST OF COUNTRIES. Choose 2 countries from this LIST. In the discussion simply LABEL AND POST: “MY CHOICE OF DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: ____________________________AND ____________________________(5 POINTS)

Class, Haiti, Mexico, and India are chosen way too often, please venture out and choose one of the less “famous” developing countries. Cool

SOC 300 Student Course Guide Winter 2020 Professor Royal-Smith.docx

(The Student Course Guide is also located in the COURSE INFO section).

NOTE! You must choose from the LIST provided, you may add the country of China (if you wish).

“War and Peace.” Please respond to the following:

Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

2) TO DO! Discuss substantive ways in which armed conflict can contribute to or detract from a developing economy and infrastructure. Analyze specific reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval. Note 1) Class, please provide detailed and relevant information, simply posting a few sentences is not sufficient. Remember to add at least one Reference. Note 2: Consider discussing a country you will use for the Written Assignment in Week 8. (10 points)

Class, as we move into deeper discussions of the root causes of poverty and social inequalities in developing nations, we can also see the consequences of structured social inequality and poverty even in developed countries. By this point we can see that a nation’s economic ability to sustain and grow determines the quality of life of its citizens, this is also true in more developed countries. We are indeed experiencing a global economic divide between “the haves” and “have-nots.” We have to take a hard look at our economic situation in this nation in order to better understand this growing divide and how our economic growth or stagnation affects world wide economic structures.

Please view the video and share your comments in the Week (if you like).

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RE: Week 3 Discussion: “War and Peace”


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Professor and class – “My Choice Of Developing Countries: Egypt and Bangladesh.

I completed the first 4 chapters of the Web text before replying to this weeks post. One of the things that bothered me was reading about infant mortality. I agree that a civil war is really not a good way to make a country prosper. The text reads that a country can actually go in reverse. That’s right, when it could take years to rebuild things. The thought that anyone died from poor health care is obviously not good. Especially when it concerns children.

I looked for articles on this. Here is one: Oza S. Lawn. J.E. Hogan, D.R. Mathers, C & Cousens S.N. (2014), “Neonatal Cause -of-death estimates for the early and late neonatal periods for 194 countries. 200-2013” Bulletin For World Health Organization,93, 19-28. I had to type that in myself.

I think that video for the wealth inequality in America said that 1% of the country makes up for 40% of all of the wealth. I don’t think the middle class adds up to a lot of the wealth in the nation.


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