Social Psychology

Social Psychology

In this field study, you will observe how you and others do impression management in various situations using Goffman’s impression management (IM) framework.  Analyze two examples in depth.  Your observations may be in-person and/or online.  You are free to choose which situation(s) you write about in your report, but the examples you include in your report should involve interactions between you and at least one other person.  Take notes of your observations (I recommend keeping a journal of all your observations for all field studies).  Use your notes as a source of data to write up your report.

For each example, you must use: definition of the situation and impressions given/impressions given off in addition to at least three more from the following list: front/back stage; sign equipment; authentic self and discreditable selves; calculating v. relatively unaware; dramatic realization and idealization; implicit contract; tact; performance sabotage; identity negotiation; working consensus; stigma; virtual/actual identity; personal identity; social identity; identity work; optimal-self theory.

Analyze how these phenomena play out in the social processes you observe.  Analyze details about how people did impression management in the particular situations you choose to write about.  You should analyze your own impression management and the impression management of others with whom you interact in the given situation(s).

Organization: begin your report with a brief introduction of your observations, including any patterns you noticed and the most interesting observations.  This introduction should be the first paragraph (about 1/2 page, double spaced).  In the rest of the report, describe those findings in detail by providing a detailed description of your chosen examples.  In the last paragraph, reflect on what you learned.

Reminder: as the Syllabus states, please do not use our class for your observations and examples.

This field study report should be about 3 pages long.  Anything under two pages will probably lack some content; anything over 3 pages will not included in your grade.


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