submit a persuasive research essay answering the question quot why should we be good quot based on chapter 12 quot why should i be moral quot

***Required Reading, Chapter 12 from Rachaels Problems from Philosophy

Submit a Persuasive, Research Essay answering the question “Why Should We Be Good?” (based on Chapter 12, “Why Should I Be Moral?”).

Use the following outline in preparing your paper on the assigned question. This topic for this paper is:Why should we be good?

Guidelines for Persuasive, Research Essay

The paper must be an argumentative essay of at least 950 words.

  • Significant points will be taken off on essays less than 950 words.
  • Microsoft Word offers a running word count on the bottom left corner of the screen. You can also click on the “Review” tab and then the “Word Count” icon.

The purpose of the paper must be to support a claim related to the question: Why should we be good?

  • In other words, your thesis sentence—HINT!, a Must-Have!—must offer a specific answer to this question. An example a thesis sentence might be, Human beings must be good in order to avoid going to jail.
  • Your thesis sentence should clearly identify the issue/problem being considered as well as your position on it.
  • Speaking of the thesis, ALL the supporting paragraphs must relate in some way to thesis. Make sure you tie all your points back to your thesis in some way.
  • WARNING! Be careful not to be too broad in your own assertions, assumptions, and statements. Recognize your own limitations of knowledge, research, and personal experience.
  • Draw a logical and supported conclusion. (Your conclusion is a reflection of your thesis.)
  • PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD! Hint: Bonus point available on this assignment for working with the Writing Center. (Check the COURSE ORIENTATION tab.)

FORMAT: The paper must include:

  1. an introductory paragraph,
  2. body paragraphs sufficient to support the claim,
  3. a concluding paragraph, and
  4. a “Works Cited” page utilizing MLA documentation.

The paper must acknowledge opposing viewpoints.

  • In at least one paragraph, you must “play devil’s advocate,” have an argument with yourself. What are some of the other arguments that people give for being good? Why are those arguments weaker than your argument? OR, why is your argument stronger?
  • Think about the ASSUMPTIONS section of your Protocol Papers. Respectfully question the assumptions being made by your sources.

The paper must use four or more information resources acknowledged appropriately with in-text citations within the body paragraphs.

  • ONE resource should be your textbook.
  • TWO resources should be interviews with 2 different people you respect (25+ years old, please). This can be your parents, a teacher or professor, coach, pastor, mentor, or really anyone you respect.
  • ONE additional source can come from either an additional interview, a print source, or an online source.

The paper must be saved digitally, using the following format: Semester/Year- Course-Course Number-Section Number-Student ID#.


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