Teach and Educational Technology Tool

Teach and Educational Technology ToolFor this assignment, you will employ educational technology to teach an educational technology tool of your choice to classmates. You have explored many tools in the last few weeks. Choose one you have not explored, or one you want to learn more about. This might be a tool you would like to use in your classroom, or one you think might be particularly valuable in teaching and learning. You will be asked to justify your choice as part of your tutorial, in terms of why the tool is valuable to educators and how teachers can use the tool to enhance student learning. After you have chosen your tool, learn how to use it. Make a product with the tool. Then think about how you will teach others to use this tool. Explore some of the instructional videos and tutorials in the Week Four Resources document to see how others teach technology tools, or look for tutorials online. Most tutorials give the website of the tool, a brief description of what the tool is about, how to set up an account (if needed), and how to use the tool. Most show step-by-step instructions for how to make an educational product with the tool. 

Presentation Tool

Google slides. (http://www.google.com/slides/about/)

Keynote. (http://www.apple.com/ios/keynote/)

Prezi. (http://prezi.com) So, for example, if you are teaching Glogster, you would need to show each step one must take to produce a Glogster product (called a glog). This will be part of your tutorial teaching others how to use Glogster. Create a written plan for your tutorial. This is important for the success of your presentation. Think about the learning objective. What do you want your classmates to know when the tutorial is complete? Plan what you are going to teach, what you will do and say. Write out the step-by-step procedure. It will help you greatly to put your plan in writing and create a script for what you are going to say. Finally, you need to choose how you will deliver your tutorial. Will you create a cell phone video of yourself demonstrating how to use the tool? And then post the video to YouTube? (Very easy to do!) Maybe you will create a screen capture video using Jing or Screen-o-matic? What is the best way for you to teach your chosen tool? You will be asked to justify not only the tool you chose to teach, but also how you chose to teach it. You are expected to utilize some form of multimedia to teach your lesson. Multimedia means audio and video, so make sure you include images, and narration. Important note: Please understand that you will be assessed on the method you choose to deliver your tutorial. A Jing or a video will be considered a more difficult method than a Prezi. You are not allowed to use PowerPoint without instructor permission. Follow the instructions below to make sure your assignment meets all requirements.

  1. Choose an Ed Tech tool you think is valuable in teaching and learning.
  2. Write a tutorial plan that includes the following:
    • The title
    • The objective
    • A brief outline of the tutorial you will present (step by step plan).
    • An explanation of why you chose the tool
      • Explain why you chose to teach the tool the way you did (Why did you use Jing, for example?). Cite the sources you used in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. You can also refer to the APA Guidance section of the classroom, which can be accessed through the Learning Resources tab in the left navigation pane. List the tool you taught as well as the tool you used to teach the tutorial. Also include the link to your published tutorial.
  3. Develop your tutorial. In your tutorial, include the following:
    • Introduction
    • The name of the tool
    • The link to where the tool is located (e.g., Glogster.com)
    • An explanation for how to set up an account
    • Step-by-step instructions for using the tool (e.g., Creating a Glogster)
    • Important features of the tool
    • A description of how to save or download the final product
    • A demonstration of at least three examples of how to use the tool in teaching (This can be text, narration, or you can link to examples.)
    • A clear ending to your tutorial
  4. Practice your presentation of your tutorial. Rehearse! Videotape your tutorial if you choose, or finalize it using the media you chose.
  5. Post a link to your tutorial in the Week Five discussion forum for review by classmates. You will peer review these next week. You can include a link to a YouTube video you create, attach a PDF file with screencasts, include a link to a Prezi – whatever way works best.

Make sure you also upload and submit the Word document written plan that includes the link to your tutorial using the Assignment Submission button in Week FourSEE THE ATTACHMENT BELOW FOR EXAMPLE HOW THE PAPER SHOULD LOOK LIKE PLEASE


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