trace social movements labor rights racial equality gender equality and civil rights 19th ce


One and half pages history essay


What is the prompt? Trace

What is being traced? the social movements for labor rights, racial equality, gender equality, and civil rights

What is a social movement ?

1) While there are many interpretations of whata Social Movement is, it is generally considered an organized attempt by individuals to bring about a social change, such as the Prohibition Movement

2) Some scholars have attempted to define various stages of a social movement

3) In general, social movements begin with educational efforts and often turn to politics and in some cases transform into a political party, and in extreme cases turn to violence

What are labor rights?

1) Labor rights are often associated with organized labor – unions

2) In some cases, it is argued that it is the right of labor not to organize

What is racial equality?

1) This concept is based upon the construct of race

2) Broadly speaking, it calls for each construct to have equal political and civil rights

What is gender equality?

1) This concept is based upon the constructs of gender – Male, Female, LGBT

2) Broadly speaking, it calls for each construct to have equal political and civil rights

What are civil rights?

1) The concept deals with individual freedoms, particularly in the social sphere

2) In contrast, political rights refer participation in a society’s decision-making process

3) Civil rights are associated with individual rights, not the rights of a construct such as race or gender

What is a possible thesis statement appropriate for Quiz #1?

A review of the period from the Civil War to Plessy v Ferguson reveals the struggle for racial equality and civil rights passed through several stages: Presidential Reconstruction, Radical Reconstruction, Redemption, and Jim Crow

How many topical paragraphs?

Presidential Reconstruction

Radical Reconstruction


Jim Crow

Topical paragraphs should contain specific facts that illustrate the evolution of each of these movements

The conclusion should summarize the evidence presented and why the question is still relevant

Standard for evaluation (total 10)

0-2: Thesis sentence (answer)

0-2: Thesis paragraph (how you are going to support your answer)

0-2: Supporting paragraphs

0-2: Quality of supporting paragraphs including citing sources

0-2: Historical relevancy overall quality



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