u hitting these following points. professional appearance, clarity, conciseness. thank you memo Arizona State University To:

Dear President Crow,

Knowing your rights and responsibilities and the code of conduct is crucial for any school or organization to know the boundaries of what is expected of all students to abide by. As Arizona State University being such a prestigious school, it must delegate these rules to all students that participate in being a student at this University.  As a student when I saw the four-page document I was overwhelmed by the amount of material and dizzy from the bolds and font selection that comprises our code of conduct.

The selection of using all capital letters defining the jurisdiction and authority section is not only displeasing in the eyes but also far from professional. The choice of changing the fonts is also a displeasure and urges the reader or student to dismiss the material all together. Nearly one page is entirely defining terms that all of us being your audience are well area of.

My solution is to change the document however keeping the integrity of the code of conduct still intact and the professionalism of A.S.U still held to the same standards since opening its doors in March 12, 1885. Keeping the bold to a minimum and using it as intended to introduce topics and staying consistent in the font and size of lettering. Reducing four pages and cutting it in half will help guarantee that the student isn’t overwhelmed and will actually read the document will help lead to an overall understanding of ethics and regulations at A.S.U as well. Most importantly thank-you for taking the time to read my frustrations with the document and hope you take my critiques into consideration.

Best Regards.


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