what mistakes did we make in the whole iraq war scenario that have cost us many friends and allies around the world reply reply to comment

After the Cold War, communism was removed from Europe but reconstructed in China. New leaders were replacing former Communist, and gradually restoring free-market economies and liberal democracy. The western nations had compelled into a new industrial revolution and a new global economy. “Manufacturing plants were increasingly located abroad with low labor costs, few environmental concerns, and light governmental regulations” (Brower & Sanders, pg. 452). Different cultures were able to travel across state borders easily which brought a diverse effect in culture mixing. Some understood it positively while others thought it was a form of foreign invasion. At that point, was the rise of ethnic conflict. Ambitious leaders were responsible for the growth of ethnic conflict because they wanted power and control, despite the loss of human lives. People were afraid for their lives and suffered difficulty with no support for the future. The people became desperate and turned to nationalist leaders for security resolutions to social and economic problems. These nationalist leaders sparked the idea of ethnic hostility to its people which increased the risk of war with its nearby states.

The world continued to be an unsteady and violent place after the 9/11 attack and the 2003 Iraq war. The United Nations effort to control local conflicts was not successful. Leaders of powerful nation-states had the authority to pursue war or make peace which consists of ending ethnic conflict and war. “The United States, whose empire had never rivaled that of other Western powers, employed in 2003 the methods of power politics when its leaders judged its national interests at stake, relying on war instead of collective, diplomatic methods of containment of Iraq” (Brower & Sanders, pg. 452).

Brower, D. R., Sanders, T. The World in the Twentieth Century. [VitalSource]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/97813231834…

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