2 papers analysis

I need a 2 paper ( analysis paper)  Paper fas basic as possible (using common and basic vocabulary and grammar) because I am international beginner English student and please you use website  which I can get from the internet I need it in maximum 24 hours  

The Website Analysis Paper 

is simply a short paper (2 pages minimum, typed and double-spaced) that allows you to examine a particular website and critique its credibility and use of evidence.   

1) Pick a website that is dedicated to UFO “News” nor sightings, and pick one story or sighting to discuss.new one like (2010-2017)

2) Summarize the contents of the story, briefly.

3) Reading it over, analyze how believable or credible the story is.  Answer the following questions:

  1. a) What is the primary evidence, and who are the primary sources, for this story or sighting? Who witnessed it, and how many? What other evidence does the story present for the sighting?
  2. b) Is there a byline (author’s name) for the story reporting this sighting? What can you find out about this person, that is, are they a journalist? Blogger?  Do they have any credentials (where they went to school, who they work for, etc.?)
  3. c) What kind of website is reporting this story—s it clearly a news site, or a blog site, or an entertainment site? Go to the website’s “About” section: Does the site describe itself as a “fantasy news” or “satirical news”, or “unexplained mysteries” site?
  4. d) Does the “contact us” section include an email address that matches the domain (not a Gmail or Yahoo email address)?
  5. e) Does the website or story make a claim about containing a secret or telling you something that “the media” doesn’t want you to know?
  6. f) Does the story have a current date on it?
  7. g) If you do a search on the website name, what does that reveal about this website?
  8. h) Can you find other websites that have reported this story? What type of sites are they? (newspapers/blogs/organizations, etc.)

4) Based on all these considerations, do you consider the story to be believable?


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