Need help with my writing homework on Biology Article. Write a 250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Biology Article. Write a 250 word paper answering; Genetically Altered Foods School Genetically Altered Foods The article d “Genetically Altered Foods: Myths and Realities” by Rick Charnes of Earth Save is a controversial subject that I found very interesting. It talks about the genetically altered foods that have been rampantly produced today. Genetically altered (GA) foods are those foods that deviate from the natural process of growing plants. They are genetically modified through injection of various chemicals or connecting them to different species in order to create a whole new breed. This results to plants that look bigger and healthier on the outside, but the inside components remains mysterious and even dangerous. This disruption of the natural growth of the plants containing foreign components that are embedded in the new plants may pose health risks to consumers. Accordingly, this breakthrough in biotechnology is the solution to feed the growing hungry population of the world. However, there is an accompanied risk to human health, environment, and even the eco-political aspects (Charnes, n.d).

GA food is an alarming breakthrough in biotechnology. As a consumer, I believe that I have the right to know the sources of the foods that I eat everyday. Arpad Puzstai, one of the researchers in this field even exposed the effects of these GA foods. It was found out that GA potatoes caused impairment in the immune system, reduction of weight, damage of stomach linings and other suggestive signs of viral infection based on their experiment with rats. Despite his revelations, the government still favored large institutions that produce and distribute these goods (Lilliston, 2013).

This is a very relevant issue in the field of biology and other relevant fields such as botany, nutrition, health and others. I believe that the government should keep watch of this concern. It is not enough for them to create one click solutions without knowing the consequences. Government funds must be intended for organic farming instead of production of GA foods. Information drives must be done to the public regarding GA foods and how they affect the bodies. Until now they are sold in the market and even priced lower that organically produced goods. Consumers like me should be vigilant about this. This issue should not rest.



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