Compose a 4750 words assignment on gas process simulation. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 4750 words assignment on gas process simulation. Needs to be plagiarism free! Natural gas that does not conform to some particular pressures, BTU content limits, gravities, and water content levels will give rise to pipeline operational problems and impairment, or in extreme cases rupture the pipeline.

Natural gas that is extracted from sources consists of a much greater quantity of methane, and, small traces of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL). These are in most cases ethane and propane but also comprise of some butane and aliphatic hydrocarbons containing less carbon content. In cases where the amounts of these materials are not high. they too a small extent increase the heating value of the gas and there is a chance that they may remain in the natural gas.

On the other hand, if the amounts of such gases are less such that the condensation may happen within the transmission pipeline or there could be a significant influence on the suitability of the gas for various applications (typically, the measurement is done in terms of the heating value and the associated Wobbe number), the pipelines may not buy the gas from manufacturers without prior treatment to retrieve the heavy hydrocarbons.

Busby (2003) reiterates that as economies grow many industries grown exponentially providing a rich market for petrochemical feedstocks (ethane and heavy unsaturated hydrocarbons separated from the natural gas). From an economic viewpoint, the chemical feedstock and heating value factors of the generated hydrocarbons determine the profitability of NGLs extraction due to the cost of producing natural gas for pipeline transport (Busby, 2003).

Circulating heavy hydrocarbon liquids in early gas processing facilities were utilized to absorb the lighter gas constituents in lean gas absorber plants. The advancement in turbomachinery technology resulted in the introduction of newer cryogenic processes. As of late, these turbo-expander processes have dominated over other technologies in NGL extraction.


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