Humanites Artwork Discussion

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Choose 2 artworks by only 1 of the following on this list:
Henri Mattise, Leonora Carrington, Rene Magritte, Thomas Hart Benton, Mary Cassatt, Jean Arp, Martha Graham, Alexander Calder, Auguste Rodin,Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, or Dorothea Lange.

Based on your research, explain what you believe the works are about and how they relate to 1 of the 4 themes that we explore in our class. Do this for each work by the one artist you’ve chosen.

You will have to do research using at least 3 sources

and none of them can be Wikipedia. However, your reader
does count as one of your sources. Your paper should
be around 4-5 pages
– not counting the “works cited” section.

Make sure to answer the prompt you’ve chosen using 1 of the
4 Humanities themes we use for this class.

Please don’t use a cover page. I just need to know who you are and what assignment it is. Putting your name in the corner and giving it a title is good enough for me.

Finding a topic: Choose one of these that is interesting for you to learn about. It will probably be exciting for you to write about and exciting for me to read as well.

As indicated in the syllabus, it should be approximately 5 pages. This does not include a “works cited” section that you need to include. The “works cited” doesn’t have to be on a separate sheet of paper, you can just put it after the concluding paragraph of your paper.

IMPORTANT: None of these sources listed in the “works cited” can be Wikipedia. You should choose a subject from something after approx. 1890 until something before

1950. This is roughly the timeframe that we’ve covered through the Midterm.

Paper tips

Put your thesis and all of your main ideas in your first paragraph. It’s not a mystery novel, nobody wants to be surprised and find out your thesis in the middle or at the end of your paper. Use your 1st paragraph to tell me what you intend to prove, quickly outline how you plan to do it, and then get out. Pro tip: write your final version of the introductory paragraph LAST, that way you know exactly what your paper is about.

Have a point of view. Find a theme, or an idea, about your work. For example, “What Michelangelo is trying to communicate to the people of Florence through his sculpture David is ‘X, Y, and Z’ and here’s why.” Make sure every sentence in your paper always connects back to that in some way. If it doesn’t, it will only cloud your argument and weaken your paper.

Don’t use your concluding paragraph to simply restate what your introductory paragraph

said. Use it to talk about why and what interested you about the subject you’ve chosen. Actually, this could be the last 2 paragraphs if you’re that excited about it. Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to talk about yourself in a research paper, but I am genuinely interested to hear what motivated you to choose your topic.

Do. Not. Plagiarize. I’m not expecting groundbreaking work in this paper. I’m just trying to find out what your opinion is. It’s okay if your opinions are based on someone else’s ideas, just tell me that they are. So, cite every idea or sentence that is not your own. Otherwise, you will get an “F”.


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