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* 1. Did a fair share of the team’s work. 


* 2. Fulfilled responsibilities to the team. 


* 3. Completed work in a timely manner. 


* 4. Came to team meetings prepared. 


* 5. Did work that was complete and accurate. 


* 6. Communicated effectively. 


* 7. Exchanged information with teammates in a timely manner. 


* 8. Provided encouragement to other team members. 


* 9. Accepted feedback about strengths and weaknesses from teammates. 


* 10. Used teammates’ feedback to improve performance. 


* 11. Let other team members help when it was necessary. 


* 12. Stayed aware of fellow team members’ progress. 


* 13. Assessed whether the team was making progress as expected. 


* 14. Provided constructive feedback to others on the team. 


* 15. Made sure that everyone on the team understood important information. 


* 16. Helped the team to plan and organize its work. 


* 17. Expected the team to succeed. 


* 18. Believed that the team should achieve high standards. 


* 19. Cared that the team produced high-quality work. 


* 20. Had the skills and abilities that were necessary to do a good job. 


* 21. Had enough knowledge of teammates’ jobs to be able to fill in if necessary. 


Contributing to the Team’s Work 

Score : 20 pts.

20 – 25 pts.

Feedback: High contribution

Interacting with Teammates 

Score : 24 pts.

24 – 30 pts.

Feedback: High level of interaction

Keeping the Team on Track 

Score : 19 pts.

11 – 19 pts.

Feedback: Moderately skilled at keeping on track

Expecting Quality 

Score : 12 pts.

12 – 15 pts.

Feedback: High quality expectations

Having Relevant Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) 

Score : 9 pts.

8 – 10 pts.

Feedback: Highly relevant knowledge and skills

Feedback score: 

Score : 84 pts.

Range-based Feedback: 

84 – 105 pts.

Feedback: Highly effective team memberComplete the “Evaluate Team Member Effectiveness” self-assessment.

Write a 1,050-word paper in which you address the following:

  • Do 


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