Innovation and Current Trends in Communications Essay

Innovation and Current Trends in Communications Essay

Each essay answer should consist of at least 500 words and should be written in APA format.

1. Please explain how social media has the potential to blur communication boundaries. After you explain this, please offer anecdotal examples from your own experiences to help illuminate this issue.

3. Please explain how the “Attention Economy” helps us to understand the challenges facing contemporary advertising and marketing. Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of the attention economy, and it should be supported by examples.

4. Please explain the differences between product integration and product placement. Use examples to support your explanation. Also: Please explain how the contemporary communication and media landscape makes these innovative strategies so necessary. Your answer should offer several characteristics of the contemporary landscape to support this answer.

5. Please explain how innovative communication technologies have transformed news. How are new organizations using these contemporary media platforms? How are news audiences using these platforms? How have innovative platforms changed the relationship between news organizations and the public?

7. Please explain copyright and fair use and explain how discussions of them relate to the Internet – particularly in terms of potential pitfalls and litigation. How has the very nature of the Internet exacerbated debates over copyright. Use specific examples to support your answer.


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