Language in the Movie Do the Right Thing Paper

Language in the Movie Do the Right Thing Paper

Movie Project Overview: Connect a movie to one of chapters in section two of the text (5-8) in an essay and Powerpoint. This is a two-part project. Film: Each student will select a film that displays the concepts presented in the chapter you selected. You can only use chapters 5-8 in the text. This project can be done on your one or with one partner. If you do this with a partner, you will both need to submit the pieces. Part One Essay: You will write a detailed 600-700 word essay explicitly connecting the film to the chapter. Assume your audience has seen the movie, so you will not give a summary of the film in the paper. Instead, you will provide proof and connection between your chapters and concepts/relationships within the film. I am looking for direct support from the text to be quoted, correctly in your essay. Proper MLA in text citation format looks like this: According to Adler, Rosenfeld, Proctor “direct quote from text” (24). Part Two PowerPoint: You will create a powerpoint (or some sort of slideshow) to post in the discussion board so your classmates can see your work. The slide show will demonstrate the connection between your chapter and film. You can either include a link to the clip in the slide or a screen shot and time stamp. For example: In the movie “My Girl” at the 1h 05min mark this scene occurs “In the scene (describe what happens). This connects to the chapter…”


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