New Vehicle Billboard Design

New Vehicle Billboard Design

Though there is an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” in outdoor advertising, a picture tells just part of the story.  There are a few words necessary to help direct the consumer to do something (the persuasion part).

When you are speeding past a billboard at 70 MPH, you don’t have time to see a lot.  Therefore, it’s common practice to include only five to seven words that “tell the story” that accompanies your dynamic visual.  Or, sometimes, it’s just the words themselves that you rely upon.

So, to see how you can attract attention (but not enough to cause someone to crash) come up with an appropriate image and corresponding copy to best identify and position ONE OF THE BRANDS listed below (you pick only one) on a billboard at a specific location near one of these busy freeways or popular destinations.

For the sake of the assignment, you are to create what is now known as a “static” billboard – one that remains as is, rather than the increasingly popular “video” or digital billboards that we are seeing more commonly.   In the Week 3 module, you will find a template for a billboard, so use this and place your image(s) and copy on that and submit.  You can cut and paste, use photoshop, or print out the template and (horror!) draw it if you need to do, then scan or take a photo and upload (that is really old school, if you have to do that.  It’s highly recommended you learn how to use photoshop or at the very least how to manipulate images in Microsoft word.

Your locations for the billboard include these (pick one):

  • At the beach (near any beach)
  • At the 405/110 (busy intersection – near the Goodyear blimp docking station)
  • On the 101 headed to the Valley (one of the busiest thoroughfares in LA)


  • Mercury Insurance
  • Del Taco
  • Vans
  • Ford F-150
  • Lululemon


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