Week 4 Watching Live Games of the Los Angeles Chargers Letter

Week 4 Watching Live Games of the Los Angeles Chargers Letter

You work for the Los Angeles Chargers as the Vice President of Customer Loyalty. Your job is to sell season tickets to those who can afford them, or “ticket bundles” (two-, three-, and four-game packages) as well as limited-edition merchandise (special jerseys featuring Justin Herbert and other items).

Furthermore, your goal is to build a relationship with your fan base, which also is your customer base. The letter you are sending out by email or direct mail (meaning “snail mail” through the USPS) is based on your database of people who have “opted in” to receive by providing their email (and home/office) address in order to join the Chargers fan base, OR they have previously purchased tickets from your office.

Therefore, you want to continually “upsell” these people and get them to attend all home games, or at least some, for the 2021 season.

So, your sales letter should highlight how exciting the new season – with a new coach, a new stadium and a dynamic young quarter in Herbert – will be and why “YOU” (the fan) should be there.

As discussed in Week 4, you must follow the A-I-D-A structure in your sales letter – that is Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

Make sure you make the great offer – discounts, incentives, deliveries – by the third paragraph (the central selling theme that is “desire”).

The key here is to be short, concise and to the point. All these mean the same thing. In other words, “use only four words when others use seven.” Be brief!

BUT…get all your points across in the proper paragraphs. And follow the proper procedure for a sales letter or a direct marketing piece discussed in the Week 4 Module.

Address your letter to:

Tom Jacobson or Janet Jacobson

1422 Santa Catalina Way

Los Angeles, CA 10110

Sign your letter as:

your name

Vice President of Customer Loyalty

The Los Angeles Chargers (make sure to include your team logo at the top of the page; that is known as the “letterhead logo”).All of this must go on ONE PAGE ONLY.


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